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Tender Fires is more than a book. It is a vision that we invite you to share and claim as your own. It is for anyone who believes that human relationships and sexuality are sacred gifts and responsibilities—gifts that are undergoing a profound crisis and transformation in our contemporary culture and religious institutions.

Our commitment to this project arises from more than 30 years of listening, teaching, and counseling in the area of human relationships and spirituality. We believe deeply in the need for an expanded, more affirming approach to human sexuality--one that is as life-giving as it is demanding, as inclusive as it is responsible, and as humanly fulfilling as it is spiritually enriching.

Browse through the information you find here. If it resonates with your convictions and concerns, read the book, join the effort, and become part of a network of communities that are committed to renewing our call to be life-givers and lovers.

Fran Ferder and John Heagle